Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

Since serving in uniform, many of Canada’s Veterans continue to provide outstanding service to their country, their communities and their fellow Veterans. To formally recognize the contributions of these outstanding Canadians, the Governor General authorized the creation of the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation.

The Commendation is awarded annually to individuals who have contributed in an exemplary manner to the care and well-being of Veterans or to the remembrance of the contributions, sacrifices and achievements of Veterans.

The Commendation is intended primarily for Veterans, but may be awarded to non-Veterans. Search Recipients

2016 Recipients

Name Year Location
Allard, Francis 2016 Québec, Quebec
Andrews, Charles 2016 Port de Grave, Newfoundland & Labrador
Angel, Gail 2016 Ottawa, Ontario
Atwell, David CD 2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Best, Garfield 2016 Conception Bay South, Newfoundland & Labrador
Black, Cameron 2016 Port Moody, British Columbia
Black, Sean 2016 Port Moody, British Columbia
Blackburn, Dave, Ph.D. 2016 Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
Blow, Michael 2016 Orleans, Ontario
Bouchard, Jacques 2016 Petite-Vallée, Quebec
Boyd, Larry 2016 Gibsons, British Columbia
Brown, Carl Scovil 2016 Hampton, New Brunswick
Bryson, Patrick R.P. 2016 Sidney, British Columbia
Butt, Ms. Brenda 2016 Scarborough, Ontario
Cake, George 2016 Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador
Callowhill, Jack Edward 2016 Stoney Creek , Ontario
Cartmel, Richard 2016 Dorval, Quebec
Caruso, Rose 2016 Newmarket, Ontario
Childs, Gregory Thomas 2016 London, Ontario
Compeau, Raymond Ross (Posthumous) 2016 Kingston, Ontario
Cook, Darryl 2016 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Coutu, Florent 2016 Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Craig, Mr. Philip 2016 Keswick, Ontario
Delipper, Walter 2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dickinson, Faith Idyll 2016 Lakefield, Ontario
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