Walter Delipper
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The honorable Kent Hehr, Minister for Veterans Affairs, Mr. Walter Delipper and MP Terry Duguid.

Walter Delipper is a Veteran of the Korean War who served with the 4th Battalion Canadian Guards and has been a volunteer and an active member of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada Unit 17 (KVA Unit 17) for the past 20 years.

Mr. Delipper has been the Cenotaphs Chairman for KVA Unit 17 for the past 15 years and has provided valuable assistance with planning parades, commemorative services and colour parties. Mr. Delipper has been intensely involved with planning events held at the Korean Veterans Cairn in the Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery, such as the annual July 27 commemorative services and visits by Korean dignitaries including the Korean Ambassador to Canada.

Mr. Delipper has worked tirelessly to embellish the grounds at the Korean Veterans Cairn. He has continuously augmented the grounds over the years by adding flagpoles and placing two monuments in front of the Korean Veterans Cairn, one that measures approximately 7' x 12” with the word “COMMONWEALTH” imprinted on it and another that measures approximately 15” x 14” with a Crown imprinted on it, at his own expense. Mr. Delipper has also taken care of the flags at the Korean Veterans Cairn for many years, putting the flags up in the spring, taking the flags down after November 11 and replacing the flags when necessary, at his own expense.

Mr. Delipper also volunteers his time at Deer Lodge Centre, visiting with Veterans and listening to their stories. Mr. Delipper has regularly participated in parades, commemorative ceremonies and colour parties and is dedicated to the remembrance of the contributions and sacrifices made by Korean War Veterans.

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