Jack Edward Callowhill
Stoney Creek , Ontario

Mr. Jack Edward Callowhill is a Veteran of the Second World War where he served with the First Special Service Force (FSSF). He became involved with the First Special Service Force Association (FSSFA) at its inception and has kept meticulous records for the association over the years. He has also maintained contact with the association’s Veterans, especially those throughout Canada. In 2003, Mr. Callowhill organized the FSSFA reunion, an undertaking that culminated in a banquet for 420 people. This reunion coincided with a prolonged blackout period in southern Ontario. Mr. Callowhill’s leadership turned the banquet into an unforgettable event. He ensured that the Major General Fredrick Awards were awarded and given proper attention and that all Veterans, including those with mobility issues, were able to participate. What could have been an evening of confusion is now remembered for its candlelight camaraderie. For the past twenty years, Mr. Callowhill has represented the FSSFA at the regular meetings of the National Council of Veterans Associations (NCVA). In these meetings, Mr. Callowhill represents his fellow Veterans in bringing forward their concerns. As a result of his networking with Veterans through the FSSFA and the personnel with the NVCA, Mr. Callowhill is able to provide information and assistance to numerous fellow Veterans for their pension and benefits claims. For the last decade, Mr. Callowhill has also volunteered at Remembrance Day ceremonies, speaking to students, teachers and parents. Mr. Callowhill was instrumental in ensuring the inclusion of a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran Members from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment for these engagements so that modern-day Veterans are represented as well as traditional Veterans. Over the years, he has also donated generously to the FSSF museums in Petawawa and Fort Bragg. Mr. Callowhill has been honoured by the FSSFA with the Eugene McCormick Award for meritorious service on two occasions. He is the only FSSF Veteran to have received this award twice.

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