Gregory Thomas Childs
London, Ontario

Mr. Gregory Thomas Childs is a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Since his retirement, he has remained in close contact with the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment. Some of his many contributions to Veterans include helping Veterans submit application forms and pension requests. He has also undertaken the task of compiling a database of regimental and non-regimental Veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War to establish suitability for foreign decorations and pilgrimages and organized public presentations of five French Legion of Honour (Chevalier) decorations. With the assistance of commanding officers of the regiment, Mr. Childs developed regimental certificates of appreciation for regimental Second World War Veterans and organized for the presentation of the certificates across Ontario on their birthdays. Mr. Childs also works with Quilts of Valour Canada and has presented twenty-five quilts to Second World War, Korean War and Afghanistan Veterans in Manitoba and across Canada, with a piper and family members whenever possible. He is also creating a contact list for the 52nd Essex and Kent Scottish Afghanistan Veterans for presentation of Quilts of Valour. Since 2000, he has organized the annual Field of Valour Dinner for the Essex and Kent Scottish and invited the south-west Ontario community to honour Second World War and Korean War Veterans. Mr. Childs also delivers eulogies at funerals for Veterans as the military representative.

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