Faith Idyll Dickinson
Lakefield, Ontario

Ms. Faith Idyll Dickinson is a young woman who has changed the life of many Veterans through her kindness and commitment to helping others. At the age of nine, Ms. Dickinson created “Cuddles for Cancer” with the objective of producing and delivering fleece blankets for persons undergoing cancer treatments. With the assistance of her family, neighbors and friends, she has now created approximately 2,500 blankets and has sent them to cancer patients all over Canada and around the world. Upon learning there were many Canadian Armed Forces Veterans in her area who also needed comfort, Ms. Dickinson expanded the scope of her organization to include “Soldier Blankets”. Soliciting support from the local community, she has prepared special maple leaf blankets for Veterans and has now delivered hundreds of “Soldier Blankets” to infirmed Veterans in Canada and has even had them sent to Afghanistan and Kuwait. According to Ms. Dickinson, her favorite method of delivery is person to person: at local Legions, Sunnybrook Hospital, and Trenton Air Force base. These blankets are always appreciated by those who receive them. Ms. Faith Dickinson is a selfless, dedicated and an extraordinarily compassionate person who has touched the lives of countless individuals, including hundreds of Veterans.

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