Patrick R.P. Bryson
Sidney, British Columbia

The honorable Kent Hehr, Minister for Veterans Affairs, and Patrick R.P. Bryson

Mr. Patrick Bryson is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and has been a Royal Canadian Legion member for over 45 years and a member of the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Association (ANAVETS) since 1989. He has served on numerous committees with the organization, including house chair, canteen chair and vice president of Sidney Museum Unit 232. Mr. Bryson has also been the service officer for the unit for the past ten years and continues to serve in this role. Since 2006, Mr. Bryson has sat in the position of property manager on the board for the South Vancouver Island Housing Society, an organization that assists lower income Veterans and seniors obtain affordable housing. During this time, Mr. Bryson was responsible for a five year project of window upgrades and renovations to all the interiors of the independent units. From 1995 to 2010, Mr. Bryson held multiple roles on the Broadmead Care Society Board of Directors. Here, he occupied the role of vice president, director and president of the board. In addition to his leadership within the Broadmead Care Society Board of Directors, Mr. Bryson has also served extensively on the Board’s committees, including the Executive Committee, Finance Committee and the Quality Improvement Committee.

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