Philippe Lepage
Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Philippe Lepage is a Korean War Veteran and a volunteer at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre, where he has an excellent record of assisting fellow comrades since November 28, 2002. Mr. Lepage has selflessly devoted over 6,500 hours to providing care and assistance to Veterans. With the staff of the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre, he arranges activities such as fishing trips and visits to casinos and The Royal Canadian Legions, and he accompanies Veterans with walkers and wheelchairs on the bus trips to assist them. He calls bingo every week and plays cards with Veterans who take comfort in having someone like him to raise their spirits. 

In addition to these activities, Mr. Lepage’s official capacity in volunteer service also includes spiritual care and visitation. Mr. Lepage is also the Korea Veterans Association of Canada’s Director of Sick and Visiting. For many years, he spent Christmas with the Veterans, arranged gifts for the Korean War Veterans and liaised with the Republic of Korea Embassy staff to coordinate visits for the Ambassador, Defence Attaché and other government officials. Mr. Lepage attends the Korea Veterans Association’s meetings and reports on the well-being of Veterans. He also informs the Korea Veterans Association and the Republic of Korea Embassy of Veterans’ funerals, thus ensuring attendance and visitation.

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