M. Denis Leclerc
Lévis, Quebec

Mr. Denis Leclerc is a teacher, an archeologist and historian at CEGEP Garneau. Mr. Leclerc did a remarkable job of commemorating the centennial of the First World War and Canada’s war effort during the conflict for teachers and students of CEGEP Garneau, as well as the general public. He employed new technologies to reach the largest possible number of students, teachers and citizens in the region and elsewhere.

The efforts made by Mr. Leclerc to recall the sacrifices of those who served during the First World War were much appreciated by all. He developed numerous activities including a museum exhibit, a historical film festival, a scientific outreach symposium, cultural animation activities, more specifically the reading of letters during Remembrance Day an online site and a Facebook page. These resources include publications written by Mr. Leclerc, among others, in the nom de plume of “Eugène Presseau”—a Canadian soldier of yesteryear who experiences the war in real time. For the museum display, Mr. Leclerc assembled hundreds of military objects from the First World War. Each was interpreted using educational signage designed by Mr. Leclerc. He has also led a number of guided tours for the staff and student groups from the CEGEP and also for students from local schools.

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