Mr. David O'Keefe
Vaudreuil, Quebec

Mr. David O’Keefe is a former member of the Royal Highland Regiment, a television presenter, author, historian and documentarian who has helped shape our understanding of Canada and its significant role during world conflict.

A history professor at Marianopolis College, Mr. O’Keefe’s passion for exploring and sharing Canada’s military history extends well beyond the classroom. Mr. O’Keefe volunteered as the Royal Highland Regiment’s historian for nearly a decade where he not only researched the Regiment’s past but also assisted families in accessing and understanding their loved ones’ military service and history. He also conducted research for the official history of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War. Mr. O’Keefe sees the importance of sharing Canada’s military history with the country’s youth and with the general public. He conducts volunteer lectures for elementary and high school students in the Montréal area, as well as for various regimental associations in the province, in order to foster an appreciation and understanding of Canada’s military.

Mr. O’Keefe has also been a creator, producer, historian and writer for History Television in Canada for over 20 years. He has appeared on national and international television to promote the experiences of Canadian soldiers and Canada’s military history. His productions, such as Camp X, documented the intricate role Canada played in allied intelligence, and the ground breaking documentary Dieppe Uncovered has received praise for adding to the story of this tragic event. Mr. O’Keefe has led many battlefield tours and filmed documentaries on some of the most seminal locations in Canadian military history, including Dieppe, Normandy, Ypres, Beaumont-Hamel, Vimy Ridge, Hong Kong, Liri Valley, Monte la Difensa, Monte Casino, the Hitler Line, Boulogne, Calais, the Scheldt and Reichswald, and northern Holland.

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