Mr. Richard Barrette CD
Saint Léonard, Quebec

Mr. Richard Barrette is a 27 year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. He spent his military career with the Royal 22e Régiment and served on a number of missions, including missions in Sarajevo in 1992, Bosnia in 1996, twice in Cyprus in 1981 and 1987 and 8 years in Lahr, Germany.

Mr. Barrette has been acknowledged for many years for his involvement with the Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation, where he represents Veterans on the Foundation’s visual documents. He is the media representative and peer support volunteer for Veterans UN-NATO Canada since June 2010.

He is very generous with his time and never hesitates to reach out a helping hand, whether to lend a sympathetic ear or give his peers the benefit of his experience.  He has been a member of the administrative committee since May 2017 and is part of the Helping out Peers program for the assistance and support of Veterans Canada. With his years of volunteer service, he has managed to stand out and make a difference in helping Veterans to improve their lives during difficult times.

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