Departmental Reports



  • Financial Statements
    These statements have been prepared consistent with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for the public sector.
  • Future-Oriented Financial Statements
    The future-oriented financial statements are prepared on the basis of government priorities and the plans and priorities of the department.
  • Quarterly Financial Reports
    These reports have been prepared as required by section 65.1 of the Financial Administration Act.


  • Consultation - Public Opinion
    This section provides information on consultations and third party studies.
  • National Client Surveys
    Survey to learn about clients’ health and well-being and how well VAC programs and services are meeting their needs.
  • Research Directorate Reports
    These reports facilitate knowledge exchange and aid in the process of evidence-based decision making.
  • Veterans Transition Action Plan
    Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers a full package of benefits and services which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each transitioning Veteran and his or her family.


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