Reviews and Appeals

Information and resources to support you when you are unsatisfied with a decision made by the Department.

Veterans Bill of Rights

The Veterans Bill of Rights is an expression of the rights Veterans have long identified as important. It is a comprehensive declaration of rights for all war-service Veterans, Veterans and serving members of the Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve), members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, spouses, common-law partners, survivors and primary caregivers, other eligible dependents and family members, and other eligible clients.

Bureau of Pensions Advocates

The Bureau of Pensions Advocates (BPA) is a unique, nation-wide organization of lawyers within Veterans Affairs Canada. The Bureau provides free legal help for people who are not satisfied with decisions about their claims for disability benefits.

Departmental Review

If you have important new evidence after receiving a decision that you are not satisfied with, you have the option of having your claim reviewed again by VAC through a written submission called a Departmental Review. For help with a Departmental Review, please contact the Bureau of Pensions Advocates or a Royal Canadian Legion Service Officer .

Veterans Ombudsman

The Veterans Ombudsman works toward ensuring that the sacrifices of Canada's Veterans and their families are recognized through the provision of services, benefits, and support in a fair, accessible, and timely manner. The Ombudsman plays an important role in raising awareness of the needs and concerns of Veterans and their families.

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

The Board was created by Parliament in 1995 to provide Veterans and other applicants with an independent avenue of appeal for disability decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC, the Department).

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