Blueprint 2020

Blueprint 2020

Public Service Renewal @ VAC

Veterans Affairs Canada has achieved a lot since the launch of Blueprint 2020; during 2014 and 2015 our focus areas included:

  • Recruitment
    Hire 300+ new staff across Canada by 2020 (majority are now in place).

  • Healthy, respectful & supportive work environments
    Implement our Workplace of Choice Action plan, such as delegate authority, enhance decision making, invest in learning and create a new National Unit for Workplace Mental Wellness.

  • Reinforcing the policy community as a profession
    Apply our strategic policy to increase service for Veterans, which helps stabilize and strengthen our policy team. This supports short and long term service excellence and innovation.

In 2016, VAC took action on the three Public Service Renewal Pillars:

  1. Respectful Workplaces
    • We made significant progress on our Mental Health Action plan.
    • Mental Health Champions raise awareness and promote mental wellness.
    • Employee mental wellness is now part of VAC's senior managers' performance commitments.
    • Mental health training and workshops held across Canada, often with partners such as Canadian Mental Health Association and the Mood Disorder Society of Canada.
    • Launch the Elephant in the Room anti-stigma campaign, with high employee turnout.
    • Support employee events, such as Mental Health Week and National Public Service Week, with numerous Mental Health activities across the country.

  2. Recruitment and Onboarding
    • Recruit new and diverse employees and improve support to current employees.
    • Open and staff offices in ten cities by May 2017.
    • Create a Veterans Hiring Unit to support Veterans seeking employment.
    • Recruit new employees through university outreach and co-op programs.
    • Implement national orientation and training to support new employees.
    • Quality Management Team and expand mentoring/professional development.

  3. Renewing the Public Service
    • Engage and empower employees through consultation, openness, collaboration and innovation.
    • 67% of VAC employees responded to our first Employee Pulse Survey. Their feedback provided key input toward our actions in becoming a Workplace of Choice.
    • Conduct a Service Delivery Review to ensure consistent client service experiences.
    • Create the Veterans Priority Programs Secretariat to coordinate efforts on client priority areas (career transition and employment, support for Veterans' families and Veteran homelessness).
    • Apply innovative technology to improve employee collaboration and expand ways our clients can connect and engage with VAC.

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