Honouring the achievements and sacrifices of those who serve Canada

Did you know...We work both in Canada and abroad

  • We lead major commemorative events
    • 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
    • Veterans' Week November 5-11
    • We support initiatives led by Veteran-centric organizations

  • We preserve war memorials, graves and cemeteries
    • Europe: 14 First World War memorials
    • Canada: 225,000 Veterans grave sites (care and maintenance)

  • We provide financial assistance for funeral and burial services

We create and provide learning resources Online and in print

More than 4 million pieces of Veterans' Week learning resources are distributed each year

We issue and replace medals from the

  • Second World War
  • Korean War

93% of Canadians agree that veterans should be recognized for their service to Canada

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