Respect for Reservists

Earnings Loss Benefit

Respect for Reservists

Increased Benefits for Part-Time Reservists

The Earnings Loss Benefit provides eligible Veterans participating in Veterans Affairs Canada’s Rehabilitation Program or who are unable to be gainfully and suitably employed as a result of their service-related injury or illness with 75% of their pre-release salary (up to age 65).

Greg was a part-time (Class A) Reservist who was injured in a training exercise. As a result of his injuries, he was medically released and approved for the Earnings Loss (EL) benefit.

TODAY: Greg is eligible for an EL benefit of $24,300 annually.

Beginning April 2015: Greg’s income support would be calculated in the same way as any other regular or reserve force Veteran. As a result, his annual Earnings Loss income would increase to a minimum of $42,426—almost double what he was receiving before.

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