Symbol Gardens: The Canada Remembers Symbol

If you have a large or high-profile space to cover, consider having the blooms in your Garden of Remembrance form a larger image (check out our photo gallery for examples!).

You can make your own design or follow the instructions below to plant a Garden of Remembrance in the shape of our Canada Remembers symbol. Be sure to share photos of the finished products with us on Facebook!

Bed size

Minimum: 2.74 m x 2.74 m = 7.5 m2 (9' x 9' = 81 square feet)
Maximum: 3.66 m x 3.66 m = 23.4 m2 (12' x 12' = 144 square feet)

Varieties should be as short as possible and chosen for density of color.

Red (Quantity: 110 Plants)
Sun Shade Large Bed
Celosia (plume, cockscomb or crested)
Red Salvia
Wax Begonia
Blue/Green/Black (Quantity: 56 plants)
Sun Shade Large Bed
Blue, Purple or Black Pansy
Dark Opal
Mulch (black)
Blue or Purple Salvia
Mulch (Black)
Ornamental grass species
Mulch (Black)
Gold (Quantity: 131 plants)
Sun Shade Large Bed
Celosia (plume, cockscomb, or crested)
Marigold (short)
Yellow Pansy Marigold (tall)
White (Quantity: 240 plants)
Sun Shade Large Bed
Dusty Miller Sweet Alyssum Geranium
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