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Page 130 - In the Service of Canada

Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on the following days:

  • February 28
  • June 28
  • October 26

About the names on this page

For more information about the individuals listed on this page, click on their names below to take you to their corresponding page in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

  1. Flight Lieutenant
    Lawson, Douglas Charles, CD
    No. 3 Wing
    4 March 1966

  2. Guardsman
    Chartier, Joseph John
    The Canadian Guards
    14 March 1966

  3. Squadron Leader
    Braiden, James Leslie, CD
    Air Transport Command Headquarters
    23 April 1966

  4. Leading Seaman
    Seymour, Sidney Reginald, CD
    HMCS Cape Scott
    26 April 1966

  5. Flying Officer
    Edwards, Richard Vaughan
    102 Composite Unit, RCAF
    28 April 1966

  6. Leading Seaman
    Brouse, Walter Harding
    HMCS Mackenzie
    5 June 1966

  7. Private
    Bernard, Joseph Patrick
    The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
    9 July 1966

  8. Sapper
    Lorienz, John
    The Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers
    12 July 1966

  9. Private
    Fickling, Edward John
    17 October 1966

  10. Sub-Lieutenant
    Oliver, Robert Jack, CD
    CFB Esquimalt
    4 December 1966

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