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Randy Joseph Payne

In memory of
Randy Joseph Payne
April 22, 2006
Gumbad, Afghanistan

Military Service:

Military Police Branch
Sacrifice Medal (Posthumous)

Additional Information:

May 29, 1973 Lahr, Germany

Son of Dave and Nancee Payne of Peterborough, Ontario. Husband of Jody Payne and father of Jasmine and Tristan. Brother of Christopher Payne of Ottawa, Ontario.

Commemorated on Page 219 of the In the Service of Canada Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page.

Digital Collection

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  • Personal sketch of fallen comrade
  • Randy Payne's son, Tristan – Corporal Randy Payne's 7 year old son, Tristan who read "Footprints in the Sand" at his father's funeral mass.
  • Photo of Randy J Payne
  • Photo 2 of Randy J Payne – Photo of Randy Payne taken less than 24 hrs before he was killed by an IED of 4 anti Tank Mines stacked.
  • Photo 3 of Randy Payne – The proudest day of his life.
  • Photo 4 of Randy Payne – Photograph of Cpl Randy Payne and his comrades checking for danger in a field of poppies.
  • Photo 5 of Randy Joseph Payne – Cpl Randy Payne a member of the Close Protection Team assigned to Regional Command South Commander, Brigadier General David Fraser, standing guard during a break from a patrol in the province of Kandahar.

Photo by: Corporal Robin Mugridge
Task Force Afghanistan Roto 1
Imagery Technician
DND Combat Camera
  • Photo 6 of Randy Payne – Randy at one of the ANA facilities.
  • Photo 7 of Randy Payne – Randy at one of the ANA facilities.
  • Photo 8 of Randy Payne – Randy working an outpost.
  • Photo 9 of Randy Payne – Randy working at a Forward Operating Base.
  • Photo 10 of Randy Payne – Randy attending a shura while keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings.
  • Photo 11 of Randy Payne – Randy working a temporary checkpoint.
  • Photo 12 of Randy Payne – Randy working a temporary checkpoint.
  • Photo 13 of Randy Payne – Randy after arriving at a new location, eyeing the surroundings.
  • Biography (Page 1)
  • Biography - (Page 2)
  • Biography (Page 3)
  • Funeral Procession
  • Pin – This MP Support the Troops pin was struck to remember our fallen MP Brothers.
  • This bridge was dedicated in honour of Cpl Payne.

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