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Nancy Marie Puttkemery

In memory of
Special Constable
Nancy Marie Puttkemery
December 9, 1989
Crossfield, Alberta

Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Service Number:
K Division

Additional Information:

June 2, 1955 Beloit, Wisconsin
September 29, 1975

S/Cst. Puttkemery was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. She moved to Canada with her parents in 1961. While waiting for her application as a regular member to the Force, S/Cst. Puttkemery engaged as a Civilian Member with Security Services. She converted to a regular member in December 1975. S/Cst. Puttkemery performed general duties in different detachments in Manitoba. She obtained her pilot’s license and was the first female pilot posted to RCMP Air Services. On the day of her death, in limited visibility and heavy snow S/Cst. Puttkemery made a left turn at low altitude. The left wing of the plane struck a guy wire of a radio tower causing the plane to fall to the ground.

Commemorated on Page 214 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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