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Alexander Gamman

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Alexander Gamman
May 26, 1950
Montreal, Québec

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June 1, 1914

Cst. Gamman was born in England. He was a farm labourer, a teamster, and a “wiper” for the CPR and then, in 1914, he joined the RNWMP. Cst. Gamman quit the Force in 1933 and then re-mounted in 1940. He died of wounds received while attempting to apprehend an armed bank robber in Montréal, Quebec. King George VI posthumously awarded Cst. Gamman the King’s Police and Fire Services Medal for his gallantry and for his actions which were “conspicuously courageous and in absolute disregard for his own personal safety”. Cst. Gamman’s widow, Ilda, accepted the medal. Cst. Gamman and his wife had three children: Hazel Margaret, Shirley Mae, and Jean Kathleen.

Commemorated on Page 86 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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