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Ralph Bateman Sleigh

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Ralph Bateman Sleigh
May 2, 1885
Cut Knife Hill, Northwest Territories

Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Service Number:
Fort MacLeod, Frog Lake, Fort Pitt & Cut Knife Hill
North West Canada Medal (1885)

Additional Information:

July 14, 1858
June 7, 1881

Corporal Sleigh was born in England and was a farmer before joining the NWMP. He enlisted at Toronto and was engaged at Fort Walsh. He was killed in the fight representing Government forces at Cut Knife Hill, Northwest Territories.

Corporal Sleigh was promoted to corporal on July 22, 1883. He was awarded the North West Canada Medal (1885) which is at the RCMP Museum in Regina. The Parade Square at Depot, “Sleigh Square”, was named after him.

Commemorated on Page 10 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honour Roll Book.

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