St. Patrick's Basilica Great War Painting

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Municipality/Province: Ottawa, ON

Memorial Number: 35059-075

Type: Painting

Address: 281 Nepean Street

Location: St. Patrick's Basilica

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 45.4165137   Long: -75.7011732

Contributor: Richard Turcotte

This memorial painting was erected by the St. Patrick's Basilica and is dedicated to the soldiers of the parish who fell during The Great War. The painting is a depiction of angels from the sky coming in the battlefield to a meet a dying soldier and Jesus Christ on the cross. In the painting wooden frame, at the bottom is the list of those soldiers.

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Inscription found on memorial

1914 -----In Memoriam. ----- 1918

Soldiers of our Parish who fell in the great War.
O you that of your own goodwill offered yourselves to Danger, Bless the Lord - Judges 5-9

[list of names/liste de noms]

[first column/première colonne]

Patrick Belanger
Hohn E. Brophy
Frank Burke
James J. Campbell
Edward M. Cashman
Lawrence Cleary
Francis L. Connely
Edmund Corridon
John E. Cregan
Louis A. Currier
Gilbert Daze
Duncan L. Dewar

[second column/deuxième colonne]

Albert J. Dixon
Fred D`Ornelles
Edward Dubroy
Thomoas Finnessy
James Fox
John Gagne
Wilfred L. Gareau
Thomas Gibbons
Leo Goodwin
Charles Guertin
John J. Hallman
George O. Harkin

[third column/troisième colonne]

Frank W. Harris
Walter J. hayes
Frank S. Higgerty
Percy J. Highley
John J. Jealous
Edward Johnson
Gerald King
Joseph Larocque
Charles L. McBride
Terrance J. McCaffrey
James McGuire
John F. Maloney

[fourth column/quatrième colonne]

Oscar J. Martell
Loenard Moran
Joseph A. Morgan
James Morne
Denis J. Murdock
Martin Murphy
Basil Myers
Frank Nash
Randall J. O`Connor
Frank O`Meara
Michael O`Meara
Clifford O`Neil

[fifth column/cinquième colonne]

George Orr
Arthur J. Renaud
Harry P. Rogers
Edwin F. Sanders
William Saunders
John Albert Sheppard
Wilfred Smith
Frederick Smith
Lawrence Smith
Stanley Spencer
Nelson C. Taylor
William P. Young

Requiescent in Pace

John E. Cregan
Louis A. Currier
Gilbert Daze
Duncan L. Dewar

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