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Municipality/Province: Ottawa, ON

Memorial Number: 35059-141

Type: Queens Colour, Regimental Colour, and description text in frames with transparent cover

Address: 439 Queen Street

Location: Christ Church Cathedral, corner of Queen and Bronson Streets

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 45.4178   Long: -75.70809

Contributor: Richard Turcotte

Erected by members of the Regiment, this memorial was unveiled on 31 August 1969, and is dedicated to the 1st Battalion, The Canadian Guards.

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The 1957 Regimental colour of the 1st Battalion, The Canadian Guards.
This battalion was activated form officers and men of the 3rd battalion,
Royal Canadian Regiment on 15 April 1954, to be a distinctly Canadian
regiment. This Colour was presented by Vincent Massey, the first
Canadian-born Governor General, on 5 October 1957. All Canadian
battalions of foot guards and line infantry (excluding those of rifle
regiments) possess a stand of Colours. A "stand" consists of two
Colours: the Queen's (or King's) Colour (2) and the Regimental Colour (1).
The Regimental Colour symbolizes loyalty to the Regiment of which the
battalion is part. A battalion is between 800 and 1000 officers and men.
After serving with NATO in January 1969 and in United Nations peace-
keeping duties in Cyprus, this battalion was disbanded and its Colours "laid
up" here on 31 August 1969. The Latin initials (EIIR) of Canada's
sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II Regina) are featured on this

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The 1957 Queen's Colour of the 1st Battalion, The Canadian Guards. In
the 18th and 19th centuries, Colours were carried in battle to serve as a
reminder to troops of their loyalty to Crown and Regiment, and to serve as
rallying points during battle. They were carried by junior officers known
as Ensigns (2nd Lieutenants) and guarded by non-commissioned officers
known as Colour Sergeants. Colours are presented to Canadian battalions
by a member of the Royal Family, a vice-regal or other distinguished
person, A Queen's (or King's) Colour symbolizes loyalty to Canada's
Sovereign. Under this Queen's Colour, the 1st Battalion, The Canadian
Guards, served during the classic era of the "Cold War." On 27 October
1977, Bishop William Robinson designated Christ Church Cathedral the
Canadian Anglican Cathedral of the Armed Forces. An outstanding
symbol on this Queen's Colour is the moose below the Crown and above
the three-pronged Maple Leaf.

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