New and Enhanced Benefits and Services

Starting April 1, 2018, new and enhanced benefits will be able to help you build on your service.

Education and Training

Career Transition Services

During your service, you developed skills and knowledge that can help you in a new career. The Career Transition Services Program can help you find a career that is best suited for you.

Education and Training Benefit

The Education and Training Benefit provides funding for you to achieve your education and career goals. You may be eligible to receive up to $80,000 in funding. Whether you are furthering your education journey or just beginning a new one, this is the perfect place to start.

Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program

Survivors, spouses and common-law partners no longer have a one-year time limit to apply to this program which helps address their future rehabilitation and vocational needs.

Financial Security

Veterans Emergency Fund

Emergencies can happen at any moment. If you or your family needs financial help with an emergency, contact us. We may be able to provide short-term relief.

Families and Well-Being

Caregiver Recognition Benefit

Is there an informal caregiver who plays an important role in your well-being? The Caregiver Recognition Benefit may be available and directly pays caregivers $1,000 per month, tax-free.

Centre of Excellence on PTSD and related Mental Health conditions

The Centre of Excellence will conduct applied research, create and share newly created knowledge, and develop tools to support the assessment and treatment of mental health conditions that impact Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

Veteran Family Program

Support of families is essential for Veterans and their well-being. The Veteran Family Program will find you the right programs and services for your needs whether it is information about local community groups, transition programs, referrals or intervention support.

Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund

Does your organization have a bold and innovative idea that will have a positive impact on Veteran and family well-being? We are investing in ideas with impact. Find out more.