Becoming a mental health provider

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is continually renewing its list of service providers. If you are a mental health professional and are currently treating or are interested in treating Veterans Affairs Canada clients and their families, please refer to the following resources:

Professional qualifications and requirements

VAC is particularly interested in identifying psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and clinical care managers who are interested in working with Veterans and their families. Check here for a brief overview of the qualifications and experience required to become a VAC provider in these areas.

Report templates

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has developed standardized professional report templates and has updated the benefit grid for registered mental health service providers in 2009. The report templates will help us standardize information sharing, improve our case management process, and strengthen the mutual accountability of VAC and our providers in the delivery of mental health services. As a mental health provider, you will be required to use these report templates.

Professional qualifications and requirements

Mental health service providers required by VAC include:

Check below for information on the qualifications and experience required to become a VAC provider in these areas.



Social Workers

Registered marriage and family therapists (RMFT)

Clinical Care Managers

How to register

Understand how our list of approved providers is created and maintained, who to contact in order to apply and what your responsibilities are as a newly registered provider.

As our claims administrator, Medavie Blue Cross is responsible for establishing and maintaining Veterans Affairs Canada’s list of registered service providers. Individuals wishing to register should call Medavie Blue Cross at 1-888-261-4033 or fill out their Provider Application form on-line.

Please keep the following information in mind:

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