Increase to Earnings Loss Benefit

Effective October 1, 2016, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) increased the Earnings Loss Benefit (ELB) calculation to ensure your total income will be at least 90% of your gross pre-release military salary. This change also ensures that the minimum amount of your pre-tax income is at least $44,496.00. To ensure that the benefit is always keeping pace with inflation, annual increases for recipients will no longer be limited by a maximum increase of 2%.

If you are currently receiving ELB income support, there is nothing you need to do. Your payment will be automatically adjusted beginning on October 1, 2016. You will also be advised in writing of this change in October.

Notice for recipients of Canadian Armed Forces Long Term Disability (CAF LTD) program

  1. If you are approved for VAC's Rehabilitation Program

    Currently the CAF LTD and the Earnings Loss Benefit are both calculated at 75% of gross pre-release military salary. As a result of the increase to 90%, CAF LTD recipients may qualify for some additional financial support via the ELB. You will be contacted in October if we need any additional information to calculate your benefit.

  2. If you are not participating in VAC's Rehabilitation Program

    You will not be eligible for this increased financial benefit. If you would like to participate in VAC's Rehabilitation Program in order to take advantage of this increased income support, you can apply to the program through My VAC Account or by downloading the application form and mailing it to the address on the form.

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