What is a rehabilitation plan?

Your rehabilitation plan is developed by you and your case manager. Your family is encouraged to take part in developing your plan.

To achieve a successful outcome, the plan will identify:

  • your goals;
  • the services and benefits you will need to reach your goals;
  • local service providers to help you achieve those goals; and
  • a timeframe to complete your plan.

How is that done?

Your VAC case manager will work with you and your family to help you identify your rehabilitation goals, taking into consideration your health problem. The ultimate goal for you and your case manager is the successful completion of your rehabilitation plan as this will best help you adjust to life at home, in your community or at work.

You and your case manager will build a plan to achieve your goals. The plan will outline the services you need to reach your goals (e.g. physiotherapy, pain management, addictions counseling, occupational therapy) and provide a timeframe for completing your plan.

During your participation in your rehabilitation plan, your case manager, health professionals and other professionals will help you improve your health to the fullest extent possible and pursue your vocational goals.

Your plan is complete when you have reached all of the identified goals, to the extent possible.

You are the key to your plan's success!

A successful rehabilitation plan is the result of the partnership between you, your case manager and the health professionals working with you.

Throughout the lifetime of your plan, it is very important to communicate. Providing timely and complete information about yourself and any challenges you are facing is critical. Share this information whenever you meet with your case manager, the health professionals providing services to you, and anyone else involved in helping you reach your rehabilitation goals.

From start to finish, your VAC case manager will:

  • work closely with you and your family;
  • help identify information and services you may need;
  • coordinate between you, your health professionals, and other service providers;
  • respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information;
  • help you develop support networks; and
  • monitor, evaluate and discuss your progress on a regular basis.


  • Plans are time limited – Your rehabilitation plan has a beginning and an end date.
  • Full Participation is expected - Failure to do so could affect the progress and continuation of your program.

How do I apply?