Alex Decoteau

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Presented by: Teghan Angulalik Nunavut Alexander Decoteau. Decoteau joined the Edmonton police force in 1909 and became Canada’s first aboriginal Canadian police officer. Between 1909 and 1916 there was hardly a major middle or long-distance race in western Canada that Decoteau did not win. His running ability earned him a place on Canada’s Olympic team that year. In April 1916 Decoteau enlisted as a private in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Edmonton. He served first with the 202nd infantry battalion, also known as the sportsman’s battalion and later with the 49th. The European conflict offered Decoteau an opportunity to win the honours only a warrior could obtain and achieve a status in the Cree community akin to that held by his father. Sadly, Alexander Decoteau was killed in action on October 30th, 1917 in Belgium, but his memory lives on. #CanadaRemembers

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 23, 2017

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