Deemed Medically Unfit

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Deemed Medically Unfit

Interviewer: So a young woman, from Alberta gets to go overseas. I didn't go overseas, no. Interviewer: No. Why not? Because 5 of us girls had reactions to either the shots or the gas that we were, we had to go through. The preliminaries of going overseas. Interviewer: And what happened to you? It was my eyes, it was my eyes that went, and naturally in secretarial work you have to have pretty good vision. Interviewer: Can you tell us about that Anne? Just that my eyes were watering a lot and when I went to the medical doctor they decided I deserved to be booted out and that, so I was. I received my discharge and I think it was the 7th of July 1944. That was heartbreaking for me. Interviewer: Why so? Because I enjoyed my work and I enjoyed the people I was with.

Ms. Michielin explains why she was not allowed to be sent overseas, and was instead discharged from the service.

Anne Michielin

Ms. Michielin was born in Edmonton, Alberta, on November 5, 1923. She was orphaned at the age of 5, and was taken in by a Catholic order. At age 18, Ms. Michielin skipped her appointment she had made to enter the sisterhood, and joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps instead. Following her training in Vermillion, Alberta, she was assigned to the records department for the Canadian Women's Army Corps in Curry Barracks. During Christmas leave in 1943, she travelled to Drumheller with her roommate. While there, she would meet her future husband who was on leave from the Queen Charlottes. In 1944, during preparations for transporting overseas, she had a reaction to the vaccinations. She was not allowed overseas, and was medically discharged on July 7. After leaving the service Ms. Michielin became a dental hygienist, was married in 1945, and had a son. Ms. Michielin was also presented with the Queen's Jubilee Medal. One of six Canadian recipients for her service to communities.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Anne Michielin
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Second World War
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