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Notice to Veterans and families in the Fredericton area: In light of the tragic events of Aug 10, this is a reminder that Veterans Affairs Canada is available to provide support to our Veterans, RCMP members and their families. If you are in crisis, please call our VAC assistance line available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 1-800-268-7708 (TDD/TTY number: 1-800-567-5803).

Referrals to the Fredericton Operational Stress Injury Clinic will be available over the weekend to provide mental health support to affected eligible Veterans, RCMP members and their families.

Most requested services and information

Mental Health

There is a wide range of mental health services, support and information for Veterans and their families.

Find an office

Find an office near you. You can get information and help at Veterans Affairs Canada offices, IPSCs, and Service Canada centres.

Disability benefits

Find out how to apply for disability benefits, the amounts you might qualify to receive, how decisions are made and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Veterans, CAF, RCMP, and Families

Whether you are a Veteran, still-serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP, or a family member, we have services and benefits just for you.

Transition to civilian life

Get financial support for career services, learn about rehabilitation services, and find out about case management and the transition interview.

Financial support

Learn about VAC programs that provide financial support throughout your life to help you and your family.

Find a form

All Veterans Affairs Canada forms are located in one easy to search section. Find the form you need using keywords, numbers or categories.

Health and well-being

Find information or apply for programs to help you receive medical coverage, get rehabilitation services, remain independent in your home, or access long term care.

Rates for financial programs

Find current rates and access information about Veterans Affairs Canada's financial support programs.


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