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Chapter 12 - Tuberculosis

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12.01 - Pulmonary Tuberculosis (When Subsection 35(3) of the Pension Act does not apply) and Non- Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  1. Current methods of treatment have greatly reduced the length of hospital treatment and greatly improved the prognosis for maintenance of function and for the protection of close contacts. Nevertheless, any case may present special features which can be considered on their merits.
  2. A policy statement, dated 7 September 1972 confirms, extends and defines the practice of making an assessment for non- pulmonary tuberculosis in addition to that made for pulmonary tuberculosis.
  3. Following hospital treatment for:

    1. active pulmonary tuberculosis when Subsection 35( 3) does not apply; or
    2. non- pulmonary tuberculosis;

    these conditions shall be assessed in accordance with the Table to Article 12.01.

Table to Article 12.01
1.First six months after hospital treatment (mandatory review on completion of this period) 100%
2.Second six months after hospital treatment (mandatory review on completion of this period) 60% minimum
3.Third six months 30% minimum
4.Thereafter based on clinical evaluation of the individual.  

12.02 - Pulmonary Tuberculosis - When Subsection 35(3) of the Pension Act applies.

  1. This article should be read in conjunction with article 35(3) of the VAC Policy Manual.
  2. The provisions of subsection 35(3) of the Pension Act will determine the assessment of pulmonary tuberculosis and will be applied as applicable in conjunction with subsection 35(1).
  3. An extra- pulmonary condition consequential upon pulmonary tuberculosis, when subsection 35(3) applies, shall be assessed separately and the assessment added to that authorized in subsection 35(3).
  4. In its decision of 7 June 1973, the Pension Review Board has said in effect that if there is an disability from a thoracoplasty that is not obviously consequential, it is part of the tuberculosis of the chest and the assessment for the thoracoplasty is to be added to the assessment granted under subsection 35(3). As a result Veterans Affairs will assess all residual deformities under subsection 35(1) provided, however, that when the thoracoplasty procedure involves more than six ribs the residual effects will be assessed at not less than 10%.
  5. The effective date of the additional assessment is to be fixed as the date of surgery or the date the level of assessment for pulmonary tuberculosis was reduced to 50%, under the policy in effect prior to 22 December 1976, whichever is the later.
  6. In cases which come to its attention, Veterans Affairs Canada will take action automatically to amend previous decisions which differ from the above policy.

12.03 - Genitourinary Tuberculosis

Loss of kidney due to tuberculosis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30%

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