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Chapter 16 - Genitourinary Conditions

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16.01 - Nephrolithiasis

  1. History of stone, no evidence of recent disability. Kidney tests normal: Assessment nil.
  2. Recurrent episodes of stones but kidney function normal: Assessment 5- 10%.
  3. If hydronephrosis, obstruction, recurrent infection: Assessment 10- 20%.
  4. Post- op removal calculi: Assessment minimum 5%.

16.02 - Loss of One Kidney

  1. Without symptoms and no apparent disability in the remaining kidney: Assessment 15%
  2. If disability in 2nd kidney, assess as per Table to 16.01, 16.02, 16.03, and 16.04; may need consequential or paired organ ruling.

16.03 - Dialysis

  1. for bilateral pensionable kidney disease: Assessment 100%
  2. When loss of pensionable kidney - 15%, and renal failure entitlement under 36: Assessment 50% (½ x 100%). Total Assessment 15% + 50% = 65%.

16.04 - Renal Transplant

Continue assessment at 65% or 100% as per above dialysis. Hazard of rejection with need for special monitoring and drugs after discharge from hospital warrants continued assessment. Review every 6 months. If renal function improved and doing well, may reduce 10% per visit to minimum of 25% to 60% (as the case may be: 36 or fully).

AL2/ 89

16.05 - Assessment of Permanent Impotence


16.06 - Assessment of Sterility



Bilateral Loss of Testicle from Injury (60%)

Loss of One Testicle from Injury (5%)



Segmental Resection (5%)

Simple Mastectomy (10%)

Radical Mastectomy (20%)

Loss of Both Ovaries (60%)

Loss of One Ovary (5%)


Childbearing Years (20%)

Post Menopausal (5%)

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy: (0-5%)

If operated and complications with sphincter control or impotence (5-10%)

Table 16.01, 16.02, 16.03, and 16.04 Assessment of Renal Disease (other than T. B.)
Assessment History of Nephritis Urine Laborator Y Tests, Bun, Creatinine Clearance, etc. Edema Diet Work Backache, Headache, Dyspnea, Fatigue B. P.
Nil Remote Normal Normal Nil Normal Normal Nil Normal
10% Recent Trace Alb. Normal Occasional Mild Mild Restriction Normal Mild Normal
20-30% Current Definite Alb. Casts Normal Mild Restricted Avoid Heavy Slight Slight
30-60% Definite Renal Disease Marked Alb. Abnormal Moderate Restricted Light Moderate BP 170/110
60-100% Definite Renal Disease Marked Alb. Casts Urine Output Grossly Abnormal Marked Marked No Marked with Blurred Vision, Dizziness BP 200 120
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