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Chapter 17 - Upper Extremities

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17.01 - Assessment for Upper Extremities

1. Assessments for loss, loss of the use of, or impairment of upper extremities are shown is the Table to Article 17.01.

Table to Article 17.01
1. Little Finger
Loss of one phalanx 1%
Loss of two phalanges 2%
Loss of three phalanges 3%
2. Ring Finger
Loss of one phalanx 1%
Loss of two phalanges 3%
Loss of three phalanges5%
3. Middle Finger
Loss of one phalanx2%
Loss of two phalanges3%
Loss of three phalanges5%
4. Index Finger
Loss of one phalanx4%
Loss of two phalanges7%
Loss of three phalanges10%
5. Thumb
Loss of one phalanx 10%
Loss of two phalanges 15%
Above plus metacarpal 20%
6. Loss of part of one hand (suggested examples with estimate of incapacity)
(a) Thumb and index 10%
(b) Thumb, index and middle 45%
(c) Index and middle 15%
(d) Index, middle and ring 25%
(e) Index, middle, ring and little 45%
(f) Middle, ring and little 25%
(g) Ring and little 10%
(h) Thumb, index, middle and ring 50%
7. Loss of one hand 60%
8. Loss of two thumbs (two phalanges only) 40%
9. Loss of two thumbs (with metacarpal bones) 45%
10.Loss of all fingers, or all but one on both hands 100%
11. Loss of pronation and supination forearm 15%
12.Loss of forearm from above disarticulation at wrist to 3 inches below the tip of the olecranon process. 70%
13. Loss of forearm 3 inches below the tip of the olecranon to loss of arm below the level of the insertion of the deltoid muscle.80%
14.Loss of arm above the insertion of the deltoid muscle. 85%
15.Bony fusion wrist optimum position. Pronation and supination satisfactory. 20%
16.Bony fusion of elbow, optimum position. Pronation and supination free. 20%
17.Bony fusion of shoulder joint, optimum position. 20%
18.Injuries of nerves of upper extremity. Complete loss of function.
(a) Brachial plexus 80%
(b) Radial 50%
(c) Median 40%
(d) Ulnar 30%
N. B. The assessment when the fusion is not in optimum functional position, will exceed that for "optimum position".
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