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Juno Beach Centre

If you're interested in other Canadian student guide programs in France, please check out the work experience opportunities at the Juno Beach Centre!

A home away from home

Veterans Affairs Canada offers subsidized housing at the Université d’Artois in Arras, which is central to both memorials/work sites. If you decide to stay there:

  • monthly rent is CAD $300, deducted from your pay;
  • your own fully furnished room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a bed and linens, a desk, a storage unit/wardrobe; a cooking area with dishes, cupboards, stove top and refrigerator; and a private bathroom with a shower, and
  • each residence has laundry facilities.


  • You may be eligible for reimbursement of up to CAD $1,000 toward your flight costs
  • You will receive information on what documents you need (and how to get them!) well in advance of your work term. Read the conditions of employment.


Opportunities abound for discovery in Europe! On your days off—as with any other job—you’re free to explore the phenomenal culture, food and experiences you can find (did we mention how good the chocolate is?!)    

Breathtaking national memorial sites

Standing in these beautiful sites will evoke many powerful and unforgettable emotions—pride, sorrow, awe, sacrifice, excitement and honour, to name a few. The Canadian National Vimy Memorial and the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial are exquisitely preserved places where such powerful Canadian achievements—and tremendous sacrifice—took place more than 100 years ago.


The bilingual week-long training teaches you:

  • military history from expert Canadian historians at the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada
  • about important historical battles and events where they actually occurred
  • local points of interest and other Canadian memorials in France
  • how to ask and respond to questions in both official languages
  • interpretive methods
  • and much more!

You will also receive ongoing training and learning opportunities throughout the work period.

Work sessions

Choose one of the four-month work periods / application deadline:

  • January to May / early September
  • April to August / mid-January
  • August to December / mid-April

Work schedule and location

  • Full-time work, 7.5 hours/day, including some weekends
  • Variable work schedules

Wages and living allowance

  • CAD $16.99 – CAD $18.17 per hour
  • CAD $30/day living allowance while in France

Work uniform

  • Free work uniform suitable for all kinds of weather.
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