Language selection



  • Why is VAC offering me the option to be addressed by my rank?

    The Canadian Forces Cultural Awareness Project identified the importance for many CAF personnel, Veterans and RCMP to be addressed by the rank they have earned. Now, through My VAC Account, users can choose whether or not to be addressed by their rank in future correspondence with VAC.

  • When should I add a rank?

    You can add your rank any time. Unless previously indicated, you are currently addressed by title (Mr. Mrs. Ms., etc.). Edit your rank if you prefer to be addressed by rank instead of title in future correspondence with us.

  • What is language of preference?

    Language of preference is the official language you prefer us to use in your correspondence. Your language preference can be different when corresponding through speech or writing if you should choose.

  • When should I change my language of preference?

    You can change your language preference any time. During My VAC Account registration, you would have indicated your language of choice. Should your language of preference change, you can update your preferences in your Profile in My VAC Account.

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