Costs Recoverable From Third Parties

Issuing Authority: Director General, Policy
Effective Date: May 18, 2012
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Care has been taken to ensure these policies accurately reflect the acts and regulations. Should any inconsistencies be found, the acts and regulations will prevail.

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This policy explains how the Department is not responsible for payment of benefits, services or care recoverable from third parties.


  1. Costs incurred by clients who are the primary responsibility of another department or organization will not be paid by the Department.
  2. Third parties refer to individuals, companies or governments liable for the costs incurred by the client (e.g. Workers' Compensation, Indian and Northern Affairs, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Correctional Services).
  3. In cases where a client has brought litigation against a third party, the costs of benefits, services or care incurred by the client, and for which the client is eligible, may be paid by the Department during the period of litigation. However, upon successful settlement these costs must be recovered from the third party.


Veterans Health Care Regulations

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