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Children Following a Course of Instruction

Issuing Authority: Director General, Policy
Effective Date: November 28, 2013
Document ID: 1153

Care has been taken to ensure these policies accurately reflect the acts and regulations. Should any inconsistencies be found, the acts and regulations will prevail.


The purpose of this policy is to provide direction respecting the payment of additional pension for children following a course of instruction.



  1. No pension shall be paid to or in respect of a child after the last day of the month in which the child attains the age of eighteen years except where the child is following and making satisfactory progress in a course of instruction approved by the Minister.

Satisfactory Progress

  1. Full-time attendance at a school or college shall be taken to mean that the child is making satisfactory progress.

Course of Instruction

  1. “Full time” shall be as defined by the institution. Universities define as “full time” a minimum of four courses. Five courses are the norm. Each day-time course in university involves a minimum of two to three hours instruction a week. Secondary school full time courses require a minimum of approximately 25 hours a week.
  2. Part time or correspondence courses generally will not qualify but special circumstances may receive individual consideration. It is assumed that persons taking correspondence or part-time courses are earning or are able to earn.
  3. Income from on-the-job training will normally exempt children from additional pension; however, there may be instances that will require special consideration.
  4. On-the-job training includes medical internships, nurses in hospital training schools, lawyers who are articled, etc., or trades in which the apprentice is paid.
  5. University students enrolled in full-time, co-operative work experience courses involving a period of study followed by a work experience, followed by return to university and so on, are not normally considered to be undertaking a full-time type of on-the-job training and will normally be eligible for additional pension to be paid on their behalf for the full period of the university training course including work experience time.

Application Made Subsequent to Death of Veteran

  1. Where additional pension had been in payment but was discontinued prior to the pensioner’s death, because the pensioner had not submitted evidence that the child was continuing his or her education; additional pension for that child shall not be granted after the death of the pensioner.
  2. Where additional pension was not in payment because the pensioner did not apply for such pension during his lifetime, and he had the opportunity to do so; additional pension for a child shall not be granted after the death of the pensioner.
  3. While it is considered that the above policy should be used as a general guide, there could be exceptional cases that have to be dealt with on their own merits. An example would be the case of the pensioner who died after an award for disability had been made but before he had the opportunity to apply for additional pension; or if he had applied, and died before such additional pension was authorized or paid.

Discontinuation and Suspension of Additional Pension

  1. A school year is deemed to be that period commencing on the first day of September and ending on the last day of the following August.
  2. Additional pension for a child who has completed a course of instruction and does not pursue further instruction in the next school year will be continued until the first day of the month following the month in which instruction ceased.
  3. Additional pension will be discontinued if a child abandons a course of instruction during the school year prior to fulfilling the attendance or curriculum requirements of the institution providing the instruction. In this case, the pension will be discontinued the first day of the month following the month during which instruction ceased.
  4. Additional pension will be suspended if the pensioner does not submit proof (after having been requested by the Department to do so) that his child will be discontinuing his or her education.
  5. Pension payable on behalf of a child will be discontinued with effect from:
    1. the day of the child’s twenty-fifth birthday;
    2. the first day of the month following the child’s death.


Pension Act, section 34

Veterans Well-being Act, subsection 2(1)

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