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Alert: Nova Scotia Tragedy Information for RCMP and Veterans

Questions and answers

Q1. Did Veterans Affairs Canada and the Nova Scotia Health Authority agree to provide mental health services to first responders and their families in Nova Scotia?

A1. Yes. We have agreed to support Nova Scotia’s first responders through our Dartmouth OSI Clinic if needed. Our priority remains with RCMP, Veterans and their families, however we have been asked to be on standby if needed to assist first responders and their families.

Q2. Will services to Veterans be impacted by this agreement?

A2. No. Mental health services for Veterans, RCMP and their family will not be impacted. We will leverage our National OSI network as needed to ensure everyone gets the support that they need.

Q3. How can I contact First Responder Assist?

A3. If you are a RCMP, Veteran or family member, please call 1-888-429-8167 and you will be referred to the Dartmouth OSI Clinic. If you are a first responder or family member, please call toll-free 1-888-429-8167 and tell them you have been impacted by this tragedy. You will be provided immediate assistance with follow up treatment if needed.

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