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1.0 Background

The Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) audit of health related travel was selected based on the level of risk associated with delivery of the benefit. Multiple delivery approaches of health related travel exist among the VAC regions with different levels of resources applied. The question has been raised about the efficacy of each approach and whether proper verification of eligibility is being applied. Recently, no comprehensive audits have been performed in the area of health related travel and previous audits (as noted below) indicate the need for more work.

The Programs of Choice Analysis Audit completed in June 2009, included an important recommendation to review health related travel in relation to the number of transactions generated and associated costs to deliver the benefits of the program. The Post Payment Verification Assurance Audit of August 2008 recommended incorporating a standardized classification of critical errors with clear definitions.

The OAG Public Accounts Audit Management letter from 2007-2008 had recommendations for health related travel outlined. The OAG recognized the error rate for health related travel, over the past several years, has been exceeding the maximum tolerable error rate guideline established by Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). Three objectives and corresponding action plans were outlined to address these concerns. The action plans include addressing the calculation errors, streamlining the processing of health related travel and ensure compliance to national health related travel standards. While some work has been completed respecting these audits, there is still work to be done on streamlining the process and ensuring compliance to standards.

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