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5.0 Statement of Assurance

The audit evidence gathered is sufficient to provide senior management with a high assurance concerning the results derived from this audit. The Audit and Evaluation Division concludes with a high level of assurance that the overall control framework for the administration of health related travel in place and used by the Department from February to September, 2009 was inadequate to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the transactions processed with relevant authorities. In particular, weaknesses were found relating to account verification, reporting and oversight. Please refer to the body of this report for further details regarding the audit findings.

In the professional judgment of the Chief Audit Executive, sufficient and appropriate audit procedures have been conducted and evidence has been gathered to support the accuracy of the opinion provided in this report. This opinion is based on the conditions, as they existed at the time of the audit. The opinion is only applicable to the entity examined and for the scope and time period covered by the audit.

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