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The Audit and Evaluation Division would like to acknowledge the support and contributions made by VAC staff from across the country as well as from Client Advisory Groups, staff from the Canadian Forces and Focus Group participants.

The evaluation team consisted of the following people:

  • Orlanda Drebit, Director General Audit and Evaluation Division
  • Kevin Edgecombe, Director of Evaluation
  • Jonathan Adams, Audit and Evaluation Manager
  • Lindy McQuillan, Audit and Evaluation Manager
  • Michael Spidel, Audit and Evaluation Manager
  • Terrie Vessey, Evaluation Manager
  • Vaughn Horton, Evaluation Manager
  • Julie Biggar, Audit and Evaluation Officer
  • Sandra Currie, Audit and Evaluation Officer
  • Amanda MacLeod-Strang, Senior Statistics Officer
  • Verna MacDonald, Project Officer
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