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Annex F — Additional Comments on the Application Process

Additional potential improvements to the application process suggested by staff during interviews:

  • VAC needs to improve upon the counselling provided to clients when applying for programs. Additional counselling would benefit VAC by managing client expectations of the services available for their unique conditions, as well as being able to accurately portray TAT for their application. Proper counselling would ensure only the required applications are completed and ensure they are completed in such a way as to minimize the wait times for additional information.
  • The Quality of Life form needs to be redesigned. Clients do not understand the purpose of some questions and therefore struggle to answer the questions in the “correct” manner.
  • Include on the rehabilitation application, “Why are you applying and what do you need to get better?”
  • Make the application forms more user-friendly with check boxes and less narrative.
  • Include a detailed guide for each application describing what is meant by the questions, why the questions are necessary and practical examples of what constitutes a complete answer.
  • The online applications should have a self screening tool. The self screening tools would identify clients that appear to be good candidates for an online application. The online application should use smart form technology. Depending on the answers clients provide on the application, the form would be responsive to the answers provided in the sections previously completed.
  • Applications need to be reviewed for plain language requirements.
  • VAC should be using scanned documents to a greater degree. For example, service documents should be scanned into CSDN. If a client wishes to apply for rehab after receiving a disability award, their rehab application should indicate service docs already on file and any information from the DA application would be populated into the rehab application.
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