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Appendix B – Audit Criteria

Audit Criteria
Criteria Result
Policy, procedures, roles and performance standards have been clearly defined and communicated. Partially Met
The oversight body/bodies request and receive sufficient, complete timely and accurate information. Partially Met
Management identifies the risks that may preclude the Achievement of its objectives. Partially Met
Management identifies and assesses the existing controls that are in place to manage its risks. Partially Met
Management assesses the risks it has identified. Partially Met
Financial and program management policies and authorities are established and communicated. Met
Compliance with financial and program management laws, policies, and authorities is monitored regularly. Partially Met
Transactions are coded and recorded accurately and in a timely manner to support accurate and timely information processing. Partially Met
Reviews are conducted to analyze, compare and explain financial variances between actual and plan. Partially Met
A clear and effective organizational structure is established and documented. Met
The organization provides employees with the necessary training, tools, resources and information to support the discharge of their responsibilities. Met
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