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Appendix A

Expenditures by Program of Choice (2010/11)
POC Number POC Name Program Expenditures
1 Aids to Daily Living $2.8M
2 Ambulance/Health-Related Travel $2.5M
3 Audio (Hearing) Services $41.2M
4 Dental Services $18.6M
5 Hospital Services $1.8M
6 Medical Services $0.4M
7 Medical Supplies $6.3M
8 Nursing Services $10.7M
9 Oxygen Therapy (Respiratory Equipment) $2.6M
10 Prescription Drugs $110.9M
11 Prosthetics and Orthotics $2.6M
12 Related Health Services $24.0M
13 Special Equipment $32.1M
14 Vision (Eye) Care $6.4M
15 Veterans Independence Program $354.4M
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