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Appendix A - Program OverviewFootnote 41

Program Program Description Services and Interventions Delivery Method
Medical Rehabilitation Medical Rehabilitation is designed to stabilize participant functioning, reduce symptoms and restore basic physical and psychological functioning to the extent possible. Services that may be provided include:
  • Psychiatric treatment;
  • Prosthetics and aids;
  • Massage therapy;
  • Occupational therapy; and
  • Medications.
External health professionals reimbursed for service
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Psychosocial Rehabilitation is designed to restore independent functioning and promote adaptation to permanent disabilities that impact on daily activities at home and in the community. Services that may be provided include:
  • Life skills;
  • Psychological counseling;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Physiotherapy; and
  • Family or couples counseling.
External health professionals reimbursed for service
Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational Rehabilitation is designed to identify and achieve an appropriate occupational goal for a person with a physical or a mental health problem, given their state of health and the extent of their education, skills and experience. Services that may be provided include:
  • Vocational evaluations/counseling;
  • Education/training;
  • Child care;
  • Work place ergonomic assessment and modification; and
  • Job finding/placement services.
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Vocational Assistance Vocational Assistance applies to the medically-released CAF and/or spouses of eligible Veterans or survivors of deceased Regular Force Veterans or Members. The goal is to find suitable employment. A plan is developed and is based on the person's previous education, skills and experiences. Services that may be provided include:
  • Employability assessments;
  • Career counseling;
  • Training;
  • Job-search assistance; and
  • Job-finding assistance.
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