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Appendix E - Analysis of the Recipient Health Status from the File Review

In the file review, 53 of the 73 participants had an assessment conducted in each file review period (before and after October 31, 2009), during their program eligibility. The findings are as follows:

Health Indicator Findings
Physical Health Conditions
  • 42 participants (79%) continue to have a physical health condition(s);
  • 7 participants (13%) had a physical health condition(s) but no longer have one; and
  • 4 participants (8%) had no physical condition.
Self-reported Mental Health
  • 18 participants (34%) remained the same;
  • 17 participants (32%) noted improved mental health;
  • 12 participants (23%) noted worsening mental health; and
  • 6 participants (11%) did not know/did not respond.
Self-reported Stress
  • 20 participants (38%) noted same stress level;
  • 19 participants (36%) noted improvements in their stress levels;
  • 8 participants (15%) noted their stress levels increasing; and
  • 6 participants (11%) did not know/did not respond.

Note: There were limitations to these measures as assessments by a Case Manager are not conducted on a regular basis and the information is self-reported by the participant.

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