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Appendix A – Overview of Benefits and Services Groups

1. Aids for Daily Living - devices and accessories designed to assist in the activities with everyday tasks, such as walking and bathroom aids. The costs of necessary repairs to this equipment are also covered.

2. Ambulance Services - ambulance services required for an emergency situation or a specified medical condition.

3. Audio (Hearing) Services - equipment and accessories related to hearing impairment, such as hearing aids, telephone amplifiers, infrared devices, hearing aid accessories and dispensing/fitting fees.

4. Dental Services - basic dental care and some pre-authorized comprehensive dental services. Examples of eligible services and benefits are exams, fillings and dentures.

5. Hospital Services - treatment services in an acute care, chronic care or rehabilitative care hospital. As these services are generally a provincial responsibility, costs for these services are normally covered by VAC only if they relate to a condition for which a client holds disability entitlement.

6. Medical Services - services provided by a licensed physician for a condition for which a recipient holds disability entitlement. It also covers the cost of medical examinations, treatment or reports specifically requested by VAC. For most VAC recipients, physician services are the responsibility of the provincial health care insurance programs.

7. Medical Supplies - medical and surgical equipment and supplies normally used by an individual in a non-hospital setting. Examples of eligible benefits include bandages and incontinence supplies.

8. Nursing Services - services provided by a registered nurse or a qualified licensed/certified nursing assistant. Examples of eligible services include foot care, the administration of medications, application of dressings and counselling Veterans or caregivers in the use of medical supplies.

9. Oxygen Therapy (Respiratory Equipment) - oxygen and accessories, including the rental or purchase of respiratory supplies and equipment.

10. Prescription Drugs - drug products and other pharmaceutical benefits to those who have demonstrated a medical need and have a prescription from a health professional authorized to write a prescription in that province. Standard benefits and special authorization benefits are included in this program.

11. Prosthetics and Orthotics - prostheses, orthoses, and other related accessories. Repairs to equipment are obtained under this program.

12. Related Health Services - services provided by licensed health professionals. In many cases, the service must be prescribed by a physician in order to be approved by VAC. Examples of eligible services include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.

13. Special Equipment - special equipment required for the care and treatment for eligible recipients. Benefits must be prescribed by a doctor, and in many cases supported by the recommendation of another health professional. VAC may also provide coverage for home adaptations or modifications (i.e., wheelchair ramps, door widening) to accommodate the use of the special equipment in the home. Examples of eligible equipment include hospital beds, wheelchairs and lifts.

14. Vision (Eye) Care - eye examinations, lenses, frames and accessories to correct sight impairments as well as low-vision aids.

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