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Appendix B – Career Transition Services Program Compared to Similar Programs in Allied CountriesFootnote 32

Program(s) Canada United States United Kingdom
Career Transition Services Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) Veterans Employment Centre™ Career Transition Partnership
Objective Assist eligible CAF Veterans and survivors in obtaining civilian employment by paying or reimbursing for the provision of career transition services up to a life-time maximum of $1,000, including taxes. Provide comprehensive services to Service members to transition to work, life, and home after the military.

Partnership between Department of Defence, Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies.
Connect Veterans and their families with meaningful employment and career development opportunities. Provide support and assistance to service leavers to prepare for entering the civilian job market and to make a successful transition to employment, or achieve the wider vocational outcome they seek.

The resettlement provision also available to those who are planning to retire or going into full time education.
Components Career transition services are career counselling, job-search training and job-finding assistance, delivered by a career transition services provider. Individual transition planning: a customized roadmap outlining career goals and how to reach them.

Employment workshops: help in translating military skills to civilian employment, job searching, writing an effective résumé, and interviewing successfully.

Tailored tracks: delivered through optional workshops (Career Technical Training Track, Education Track, and Entrepreneurship Track).
Resources and tools for both job seekers (map military skills, build civilian résumé, post profile, career opportunity search) and employers (searchable database of Veteran and spouse profiles, posting of positions). Career Transition Workshop (CTW) and subsequent access to interactive CTP website (myPlan), job-finding website (RightJob), a career consultant to advise, guide and chart resettlement progress, and access to additional workshops and training courses.

Employment Support Program: interview with a career consultant, attendance on a one day Job Finding workshop, access to RightJob and the support of an employment consultant for up to two years post discharge.

Future Horizons Program, a collective of charities and private and public sector organizations.
Services Start No eligibility until release While transitioning While transitioning From two years pre-release to two years post-release.
Groups Eligible Veterans of the Regular Force who have completed basic training and who apply no later than two years after the day on which they were released;

Veterans of the Reserve Force who have completed at least 21 months of full-time service during 24 consecutive months and who apply no later than two years after the day on which they were released;

Veterans of the Reserve Force who have completed special duty service or service on which they were called out in respect to an emergency and who apply no later than two years after the day on which they were released; and

Veterans to whom a Canadian Forces Income Support (CFIS) benefit is payable under section 27 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act
Transitioning Service members, including Guard and Reserve members, demobilizing after 180 days or more of active service. All transitioning Service members are required to attend Transition GPS.   CFuture Horizons: Early Service Leavers (less than four years service); or those who leave for disciplinary reasons or are deemed unsuitable, regardless of service length.

Employment Support Program: four or five years of service.

Full Resettlement Program: those with six or more years service, medical discharges, regardless of service length, redundancies, regardless of service length.
Program Goals Immediate: Eligible Veterans and survivors have access to funds for career transition services.

Intermediate: Eligible Veterans and survivors utilize available funds to obtain career transition services.

Ultimate: Eligible Veterans and survivors actively participate in the civilian workforce.
Participants will be prepared to develop a customized plan for a successful transition to a technical career.   Help ex-service people to find a new civilian career or job and help employers to recruit the best.
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