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Departmental Plan 2018-2019

ERRATUM - December 2019

During production of the 2018–19 Departmental Results Report, an issue was discovered with the target and methodology for one performance indicator, which needed to be corrected.

Under Core Responsibility 2: Commemoration, the performance target for the “# of “Likes” on the Canada Remembers Facebook page” was erroneously set at 4,000,000 “Likes” annually. This target was based on a methodology of adding results from each quarter to produce the yearly total; however, Facebook page “Likes” accumulate daily as a running total. The target and results were properly published in the 2018–19 Departmental Results Report (link), therefore corrections were made to the HTML and PDF versions of this report to ensure all figures match. This indicator will be retired starting in 2020–21.

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