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Veterans Affairs Canada National Survey Q&A


VAC conducted a national survey to determine how satisfied Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members and their survivors are with VAC services and benefits. The survey measured satisfaction with service delivery, preferred service channels, program effectiveness and overall Veteran well-being. The survey results will provide valuable information, which will be used for improvements to service delivery and policy development.

Q1. What was the purpose of this survey?

A1. The survey was conducted to help VAC learn about the effectiveness of our programs, measure Veterans’ health and well-being, satisfaction with service delivery and determine their preferred service channels. Information collected will help ensure that VAC’s benefits and services are meeting the needs of Veterans and their families.

Q2. What were the positive findings from this survey?

A2 Our most significant findings were that 81% of Veterans were satisfied with the quality of services delivered. Veterans were overwhelmingly happy (92%) with their services through the Veterans Independence Program and 84% indicated they are satisfied with the Treatment Benefits Program. We were pleased to find that the vast majority of Veterans found VAC’s correspondence was clear and easy to understand (88%). VAC is also pleased that the survey assessed that 99% of Veterans were served in their official language of choice.

Q3. Were Veterans surveyed satisfied with the services they received from VAC staff?

A3. The staff at Veterans Affairs Canada are committed to providing quality services to Veterans and their families. According to the survey results, 72% of Veterans agreed that VAC staff went beyond expectations to assist them. Veterans overwhelmingly found that VAC staff treated them with respect (95%).

Q4. What areas did Veterans identify as needing improvement?

A4. Areas identified as needing improvement were related to the rehabilitation program, disability benefits and communication with those we serve. VAC is already addressing some of these challenges through Budget 2017 initiatives including a major communications and outreach initiative to better communicate and engage with Veterans and their families.

Q5. Who was interviewed?

A5. A random sample of 1,508 people receiving VAC benefits and services were interviewed. This included war service Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans, survivors and still-serving and retired RCMP members.

Q6. When is the next VAC national survey?

A6. VAC is planning on conducting a national survey every two years.

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